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Krakow Wants to Breathe

Krakow Wants to Breathe

Our first outdoor social campaign started campaign at the beginning of February 2013, with the assistance of a professional PR agency Schulz Brand Friendly. The action was carried out under the names: "Krakow wants to breathe", and "No smoging, please". Activities included outdoor advertising and information in regional and national media.

The goal of the campain was to encourage Krakovians to sign the petition to the authorities initiated by our movement.

The campaign has worried Krakow's mayor Jacek Majchrowski who posted on his Facebook page: “I read in today's newspapers that billboards saying that Krakow is one of the most air polluted city in Europe will be  seen around the whole city. With all respect to the activities of the Krakow Smog Alert and my recognition of its commitment to improving the quality of air, I received the information with very mixed feelings. (...) What raises my doubts  is the fact that the information on the posters will be also in English. Is that in the interest of  the inhabitants of the city when our city benefits largely from tourism? (...)”

Response of the media was firm and immediate: “Mr. Mayor has gone too far - this is my impression after reading his comments on the Facebook page. First of all, to be honest it's necessary to inform everyone: both residents and tourists that Krakow is the most polluted city in Poland, because as we already know particular matter which is in our air is not indifferent to our health. Secondly, Krakow Smog Alert  is an initiative of the inhabitants, if Mr. Mayor wants to organize an educational campaign, he should organize it, not advise others what to do. All the more so because for many years the mayor and the provincial councilors  seemed not to see the problem of air pollution. The action led by inhabitants is the result of the inaction of the authorities, a signal that it can not be like that anymore. (...)” as we could have read in one of the articles.