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Get a Grant, Replace Your Furnace

Get a Grant, Replace Your Furnace

Our new campaign, called ‘Get a Grant, Replace your Furnace’, promotes the health benefits of modern heating systems, and shows householders how they can get financial support for the changeover.
Krakow authorities offer grants to residents to help them replace the ‘dirty fuel’ systems, as well as subsidies for post-changeover heating bills.
The campaign is be promoted across Krakow, on billboards, city light stands, TV screens in city trams, and through the website www.wymienpiec.pl.  Residents can also help to spread the word, by printing flyers from the campaign Facebook page, and distributing them to friends, family and neighbours.
The new campaign is supported by Klonex, Schulz Brand Friendly, IQ Media, Clear Channel, AMS, and Media Billboards. It has been financed by the Regional Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.


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