About us


"Over the past year, public opinion appears to have mobilised with the aim of making voices heard in the chambers of power, both in the city council and the Małopolska regional government. The most high-profile has been the campaign by Krakowski Alarm Smogowy – a group which it is safe to say toppled the will of politicians and forced an agreement to ban ‘dirty fuel’ from heating systems."
Anthony Casey, "People Power Movements Shake Up Krakow", Krakow Post, December 2013, p. 8.

photo: Kamil A. Krajewski

We are a group of Krakovians who want our city to be safe and clean! Among us there are concerned parents in Krakow who had had enough of the peak smog’s impacts on their children’s health but also people who feel that they have are right to participate in the way our city is changing.

Throughout a year action became increasingly popular and was supported by doctors  and celebrities including Andrzej Wajda, the recipient of an honorary Oscar.

We are open to cooperation with other NGO's, scientists, and artists to change Kraków together!

photo: Bartek Siedlik